Top Ten Real Estate Agent Profile Videos

If every agent is saying “I really care about my client,” then… who really cares?

Real estate agents have to stop thinking in sound bites and start telling better stories.

“I help people realize their dreams.” “I love helping people.” “I’m a match-maker.” “I’m really all about the people.” “Everything I touch turns to sold!”, “We’re the Home Team!” …etc.

Uh, huh.

Professional services are driven by the talents and the personalities of the people that provide those services. The goal of a real estate agent profile video should be to showcase your story, your life, your priorities, your engagement in the community and ultimately, your value. It shouldn’t sound like a local cable television commercial.

Video is the cheapest and simplest way for prospective clients to get to know you.

There are two ways you can succeed with a real estate agent profile video: You can show people what you do to help real estate buyers and sellers or you can show people who you are. The more engaging and the more professional that story looks and sounds, the more credible your story will be. If your video doesn’t look professional then you won’t be perceived as a professional.

Real Estate Agency Profiles Videos Defined
Real Estate Agency Profiles are videos created to showcase the personality, the character and ultimately, the value that agent provides.

If you don’t already have a track record of success that you can refer to, or if you don’t have an engaging on-camera presence then you have to come up with something of real value that you can share with potential home buyers and sellers.

If you’re not sure where to start download with video download

The video you should not be making is the one where you talk in cliches, cut to shots of you shaking hands with ‘clients’ and then close with a reminder of how much you really care, because that’s pretty much what everyone else is doing.


Here are our Top Ten Real Estate Agent Profile Videos:

Brand: Brandon Bogard {New York City, USA}
Production Company: Unknown

Focus your market.

  • “I love to live and work with artists and fashionistas…” There is a very clear and important message in this video that every real estate agent should understand. You need to narrow the focus of the market you serve. The narrower the focus the more you will appeal to a specific audience. That’s also scary because focusing your sights makes you feel like you’re leaving ‘opportunities on the table.’ That’s true, you are, but if you ‘sort of’ appeal to a ‘fairly general market’ then you’ll likely appeal to no one.
  • True, the the size of your market will determine your ability to focus (Brandon, for instance, services one of the largest and richest real estate markets on the planet) but whatever the size of market, you should be known for something – that’s how word-of-mouth happens.
  • This video is nicely filmed and edited. Nothing too fancy – some light leaks for style and some funky colouring for texture, nice quick cuts and some good close-up shots to add interest.
  • Just a nicely put together video that let’s you know that Brandon services a very specific clientele in New York.

Brand: Becky Frey {New York City, USA}
Production Company: Boom Crate Studios

Prove you do great stuff by showing the great stuff that you do.

  • This video takes full advantage of the beautiful properties that Becky is associated with. That’s smart. Show people what you do. You don’t have to be in every shot in your video, in fact you shouldn’t be. Your viewer will associate you with whatever it is you show in your video. If your video is nothing more than a 2 minute talking head video, then there is nothing to associate with you other than… you. In which case you’d better be really compelling on camera.
  • Very nice beginning to this video. Love the shot selection and how the shots are edited.
  • Becky does a good job at quickly telling her story and the visuals and quality of the filming support that story. She also delivers with a quiet confidence that is very compelling.
  • The music in the video is a tad too loud…

Brand: Steve Clark  {LA, USA}
Production Company: 3 Sixty Strategies

Sometimes letting someone else represent you on film is the best option.

  • This is a great testimonial video – well filmed and very well edited.
  • The content is compelling and the speaker is quite genuine so you tend to trust what is being said on camera.
  • Not everyone is natural on camera. This is a great example of how a testimonial video can be as, or more, powerful than any video you could create about yourself.
  • “Genuine, honest and bald” – what else do you want in an agent?

Brand: Chip James  {BeaverCreek, Ohio, USA}
Production Company: Unknown

Stand for something greater than yourself.

  • When you’re constructing your real estate agent profile video the first question to ask yourself is  – ‘Why should anyone care about me?‘. Once you’ve gotten over the existential implications of that question you need to hunker down and figure it out.
  • In this video Chip James spends a great deal of time telling us about the charity that he has set up and how it is helping people. That’s very cool.
  • This video combines the different aspects of Chip’s life – work, family, community and cause, seamlessly.
  • Filming and editing is very good and the video moves very quickly.

Brand: Maureen McDermut {Sanata Barbara California, USA}
Production Company: 3 Sixty Strategies

Very comfortable style to this video:

  • This video has a great natural feel and pace.
  • The music, the use of slow motion, the slow pans, including the agent’s children in the video, beautiful footage..  and the shots of the dog on the beach…  it all feels good. If you can generate a feeling in your video – that’s golden.
  • Overall this video has a very natural pace and tone that will appeal to many.
  • I would recommend you have your name come up on-screen when you introduce yourself so people can see the spelling of your name. (Not everyone sees your video on your website and not everyone gets to the end of the video.)

Brand: Peter Gourdouros {Melbourne, Australia}
Production Company: Unknown

And for those who don’t like a slow pace…

  • Peter Gourdouros is a character.
  • Peter’s video is a high voltage, in your face, presentation. Dub step music, quick cuts, some light leaks and lots of crowd reaction shots. It’s anything but dull.
  • There is a certain percentage of the population who this style of presentation won’t appeal to. That’s fine. In fact, that’s a good thing. There’s still a big portion of the population who will watch this video and think, ‘Yep, he’s definitely high energy… and that’s exactly who I want selling my house.’
  • For those unfamiliar with the real estate market in Australia, it’s likely a strange thing to see people bidding on a home. So yeah, Peter’s exactly the guy I’d want bidding up the price of my home come auction time.

Brand: Cameron Airlie {Kingsford, Australia}
Production Company: Unknown

This video covers a lot of ground.

  • Agent intro, business philosophy, multiple testimonials from clients and colleagues, community activities, sponsorships, nice close – this video covers all bases.
  • The video delivers with lots of energy which obviously matches Cameron’s style. In fact, it’s interesting to see how the styles and energy of real estate profile videos seem to match the style and energy of their agents.
  • Very clean, fast paced delivery that leaves you believing that Cameron is everything that everyone says he is.

Brand: Tanya Kwasza, {Auckland, New Zeland}
Production Company: Wide Photography

Very nice way to end a video – to make you smile.

  • This video is nicely shot with lots of different scenes and perspectives to give you a feel for what it’s like to work with Tanya.
  • Interesting to see a series of videos where colleagues endorse the agent. That lends credibility to the video and is a great way of building trust.
  • Too bad they had to use camera audio instead of mic’d audio on the client testimonials, but sometimes that’s just how a shoot goes.
  • Very clever ending to this video – a ‘live’ conversation with a client that is sure to leave you with a smile on your face.

Brand: Jennifer Skoff, {Fayetteville, US}
Production Company: Unknown

Shorter is often Better.

  • A very nicely filmed and directed video that quickly gives you a feel for who Jennifer is.
  • Nice use of direct-to-camera read. This approach doesn’t always work well for everyone but Jennifer seems gives a natural delivery.
  • I like the shorter format. I have no idea what other footage the editor might have had at his disposal but too many real estate agent profile videos are longer than they should be.
  • And let’s be honest… the people that go into real estate sales are typically more attractive, on average, than the general population. Same goes for movie stars and tv personalities. We’re all born with different gifts – intelligence, personality, coordination, empathy, looks… whatever, – video is one of the best ways to showcase your gifts, whatever they may be.

Brand: Ben Bacal, {L.A., US}
Production Company: Unknown

Blow your own horn and get others to contribute.

  • If you’re selling ultra luxury properties you’d better have a bit of swagger.
  • This video has an energetic style and moves the viewer along rather well.
  • Employing a number of different customer testimonials all saying different things about you is a very smart way to structure an agent profile video.
  • Not sure I would have added in a promo for a real estate related service into this video but I suppose it makes him look like he’s on his game with regard to new tech and social media.

Brand: Mat Steinwede  {Central Coast, Australia}
Creative Agency: Kiryn Clay & Chad Waldren

Six years on this is still one of the better agent video’s we’ve seen, here’s why.

  • Mat is one of McGrath’s leading agents and a public speaker so it’s not surprising that this video tells an interesting story. (It’s funny how that works – successful agents tend to have good stories to tell…)
  • The beginning of this video is very good. It’s well shot, it’s intriguing and it showcases a very engaging and human part of Matt’s life – a family man who gets up early to go surfing with his son. This is so much better than someone standing in a kitchen talking to a camera.
  • By the time you’re at the halfway point in the video you already feel like you know him. (…which is the point of the video.)
  • At over four minutes there’s a lot of information communicated but the video still feels like it moves quickly.
  • You don’t have to be on-camera for that long for people to get to know who you are. You just have to find something interesting to say (and show) in order to engage the viewer.
  • Matt has an updated video that incorporates some of the older footage above with updated shots of his public speaking activities and a newer message. It’s very well produced and positions him extremely well. That said, this updated version of this video provides a good contrast in film-making styles. The content is similar but the newer version is slicker… more polished. They’ve added some new epic profile shots of Mat and for some reason they cut to someone, somewhere, asking questions. There’s no establishing shot for this interviewer so it seems somewhat out of context. I don’t feel these changes necessarily improve the impact of the video.

Jimm Fox


Jimm has been working in video and marketing for the last 25 years agency side, client side and in video production.


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