Top Eight Property Videos Using Aerial Footage

Drones are ‘the new slider’ in real estate videography.

Aerial footage is going to become standard in real estate video and we’re going to start to see some really creative uses of aerial videography.

Property Videos Using Aerial Footage
We’re considering real estate property videos that rely heavily or exclusively on aerial footage to promote a property.

The great thing about aerial videography is that it’s often the footage that actually matters in real estate video – especially in high-end homes. Sure, people want to experience the interior layout of the home, but ogling other peoples furniture and interior decorating taste can only go so far.

DJI is just starting to ship the new Mavic Air drone as GoPro has now exited the drone market. DJI offer a variety of ultra-compact drones equipped with sophisticated flight software and comes with very high quality cameras riding on their built-in 3 axis gimbals. We’re going to see more people owning and operating these flying blenders. As a result, aerial footage will begin to to dominate the middle tier of real estate video production.

The top tier of real estate marketing video will continue to experiment with cool new styles and techniques of aerial videography like the videos below:


Here are our Top Eight Aerial Footage for Real Estate Videos:

Brand: Yarton Manor, Carter Jonas  {Oxfordshire, UK}
Production Company: Skyadvantage

Great footage. Great music. Great Colouring.

  • The lush cinematic musical score sets the table and (to painfully continue this metaphor…) the beautiful aerial footage delivers a visual feast.
  • From the first few bars of the orchestra’s string section underscoring the flight through the gates and down the lane way… you know you’re in for a treat with this video.
  • Love the high spiralling hover shot at 1:32.
  • Not sure if it’s because the shots were taken during magic hour or because the camera used had a high dynamic range or if it’s because the production company just spent time colouring the footage, but each shot is consistently rich.
  • Great coverage of the grounds, the buildings and the surrounding landscape. This video was fun to watch and the music was absolutely inspired.

Brand: 9909 Beverly Grove Dr.,  Rodeo Realty  {Los Angeles, USA}
Creative Agency: Elevated Media

Great example of one of the biggest missed opportunities in Real Estate video..

  • Some of the most dramatic footage of a home is at dusk or early evening when it’s light enough to still see the exterior of the house but it’s dark enough so that you can see the lit interior of the home. You’ve got a very narrow window to capture this shot so either you get it in the first pass or you go back over subsequent nights.
  • The aerial footage shot during daytime, dusk and night really help to illustrate the different phases of living in this home.
  • Adding a person (model) to a high-end video is always a good idea because the house doesn’t seem empty. I liked the integration of the model being shot at pool level and cutting to the drone shots – this adds a lot more drama and interest to the video.
  • Really smart to use the drone to show both the daytime and nighttime views from the house.
  • That last sequence starting at 3:18 is one of the best real estate shots ever. Not only is it fascinating to watch because of the lighting of the home but the transition from house to nighttime cityscape is a perfect ending to the video.

Brand: 515 Sheffield Drive, Woodley & Associates  {Salt Lake CIty , Utah, USA}
Production Company: Utah Aerial Imaging

Good creative use of aerial videography.

  • We’re going to start to see more creative integration of aerial videography in real estate promos. This video is a great example.
  • Clever wipe of the address at the beginning of the video,  followed by a well executed shot of the car driving into the garage and revealing text explaining one of the features of the property.
  • At over 3 minutes there’s a lot to see in this video. It would have been twice as long if they didn’t speed up a lot of the great aerial footage. That’s the problem with really well filmed aerial shots – you want to show them all but you don’t have time.
  • Nice integration of aerial footage into the entire video as well. Quite often you’ll just see a couple shots at the beginning and a couple at the end of a video.

Brand: Fernhill Estate, Ken Jacobs Chrities {Sydney, Autralia}
Production Company: Golden Eye Media

Properties this vast require aerial footage:

  • Great opening shot to show the house, the surrounding grounds and setting – everything you need to know in about 7 seconds.
  • This historic 840 acres of beautiful rolling property outside of Sydney is showcased with some stunning aerial footage.
  • A property this large and diverse really benefits from aerial footage to show how all the features of the property work together.
  • A professional host makes such a difference in this video. It personalizes the experience and adds a level of human touch and elegance.

Brand: 19101 Foruna del Este Zillow {San Diego, US}
Production Company: Video Sells Real Estate

If one of the prime features of your home is the view… then a drone is a must.

  • The property and the setting are both spectacular. The only way to really experience the full value of this property is with drone footage.
  • “Breathtaking city and coastline views from everywhere in the house…” Ya, no kidding.
  • I love the commitment in the name of the video production company.
  • If you were going to create a business case for the use of drone footage this 3 minute video would be enough. Makes you wonder why all high-end properties for sale don’t try this hard.

Brand: Creek Crossing LN {Utah,USA}
Production Company: Utah Aerial Imaging

Incredible setting for a home showcased well with aerial footage.

  • Like many of the homes featured here, the setting for this home is spectacular.
  • Good use of both daytime and evening shots to highlight different ‘moods’ of the house.
  • There were a couple shots in there that could have played longer, but either time or shot quality required them to be cut short.
  • The last shot – the track away shot from the house was very effective- it’s always cool to have things like branches in the foreground to add drama to an aerial shot.

Brand: Stone Mansion {Alpine, New Jersey}
Production Company: Sense Media

Nice shot selection including different altitude hover shots.

  • 30 minutes outside of New York City, ‘Stone Mansion’ is a one-of-a-kind building.
  • That shot at 2:08 is very creative – flying down and into a house with the camera in a trailing position is very unique. (Ya, I know it’s just reversed… but it’s still cool.)
  • Starting and ending with the red car chase shots provides a nice bit of continuity to the video.
  • Good mix of slow-mo, regular speed and fast action shots in this video. This is an excellent video to inspire new aerial videographers.

Brand: Jade Mills  {Beverly Hills, US}
Production Company: Unknown

Very nice way to end a video – to make you smile.

  • One minute of California Dreaming showcasing a massive property in Beverly Hills.
  • An all-aerial footage video, you get a very good idea of the expanse of the building and the beauty of the hill top location.
  • Nice choice of shots that left you wanting to see a lot more.
Jimm Fox


Jimm has been working in video and marketing for the last 25 years agency side, client side and in video production.

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