Top Nine Real Estate Community Videos

A real estate agent should look to become the virtual ‘Mayor’ of their community.

Some real estate agents are known city-wide. Other agents are very well known within specific communities. Then there’s the vast majority of agents who are not really known at all. The best agents are fully immersed in, and have an intimate knowledge of, their communities.

One way to showcase your knowledge and engagement in a community is to create a community video. There are many groups looking to do this already such as local municipalities and tourism groups so the goal here is to ensure there is a specific real estate angle to your video.

These videos can consist of community history, local flavour, interesting businesses and characters that inhabit those businesses, local amenities, real estate statistics and prospects… whatever it is that makes the community you serve unique and special.

Real Estate Agency Profiles Videos Defined
Real Estate Community Videos are created to showcase the character, lifestyle, amenities, benefits and people of a specific geography.

The goal of this type of video is to associate yourself with the information and news about your community. Go out and interview a bunch of the local shop owners – make them the heroes of the neighbourhood. (Who do you think they’d be referring people to if you did this?)

If your market reach is wider then you’ll need to capture the beauty and character of the town or city that you serve and provide the viewer with broader real estate statistics and opportunities in your city or town.


Here are our Top Seven Real Estate Community Videos:

Brand: Gabe Venturelli {Santa Barbara, USA}
Production Company: 3sixty Strategies

A great example of how to present ‘your’ community.

  • This video showcases pretty well everything you could include in your community video: Shots of local homes, drone footage of the neighbourhood and key attractions, descriptions of the different features of the community, insider tips, shots of people in the community, a list of key activities in specific high profile areas, shots and descriptions of the businesses in the ‘heart of the community’, different views from different areas, descriptions and shots of parks and natural lands, all presented by the ‘Mayor of the Mesa’ at Santa Barbara – Gabe Venterelli.
  • The music, in combination with Gabe’s natural delivery style, creates a very positive vibe for the video.
  • Production values are good and the effect of this video is to instill a great deal of trust in the presenter and to position Gabe as someone who is very connected in the community.

Brand: Bend Luxury Homes {Bend, Oregon, USA}
Production Company: Boom Crate Studios

An agency promo wrapped in a community video.

  • This video is a great departure from the standard ‘this is who we are’ agency promos.’ The video starts and finishes with the amazing lifestyle opportunities available in and around Bend, Oregon.
  • Even the middle section which talks about the agency uses beautiful area shots to support what’s being said onscreen.
  • Nice use of different voices from different agency personnel to present different messages.
  • Great quality footage supports the quality of the message.

Brand: Alexa Luxury Realty  {Barcelona, Spain}
Creative Agency: 22/timelapse

This footage in this video is ridiculous.

  • … in a good way.
  • Excellent hyperlapse and timelapse shots of Dubai. Some of these shots are cinema quality – you don’t often see this level of quality in a real estate video.
  • Music is great and really suits the mood of the video -high energy, action oriented.
  • That said, there is a missed opportunity here. I’m not sure if the real estate company commissioned the shoot or just made arrangements to use the video footage. In either case, they should have done more to brand the video and associate themselves with the power and energy of this video.
  • The video would have had to change gears part way through to accommodate voice-over but this would have given the agency an opportunity to share their knowledge of the city and to associate themselves with the glory of this video in a much more significant way.
  • Epic filming.

Brand: Lyon Real Estate {Sacramento,USA}
Production Company: Unknown

Lots of lifestyle and neighbourhood living information .

  • California’s capital city has a culture and heritage that few would associate with California living. This video does a nice job of highlighting this culture.
  • Like most other North American city centres, there is a significant move back into the core and the agency does a good job at showing and telling how this is affecting the real estate market.
  • Very interesting that they mention and show the trend towards ‘co-housing’, where gardening and cooking is shared in co-operative family housing units. This has been popular in Europe for decades and will become more popular as land becomes more scarce.

Brand: Sezlik Realty {Ottawa, Ontario, Canada }
Production Company: One Market Media

This is a video created to promote the community, not an agency:

  • You’re never just buying a home. You’re also buying into a community.
  • This is a promo for two neighbourhoods in Ottawa (Canada’s Capital City) that share a common rural setting and a golf course.
  • This video is unique in that it was a joint project by two communities and a real estate agency to promote the community.
  • While every community likes to think of itself as a ‘hidden gem,’ this community truly is and the community association decided to co-create a video to showcase the advantages of living in the community.
  • A community is ultimately about the people who live there and that’s what this video focuses on.
  • Lots of aerial and lifestyle shots to give the viewer a feel for what it’s like to live in that community.

Brand: Richard Silver {Toronto, Canada}
Production Company: Unknown

A low-key professional presentation.

  • Toronto is North America’s 7th largest metropolitan area, ahead of Washington, Philadelphia, Miami and Atlanta. Rosedale is one of Toronto’s wealthiest and toniest neighbourhoods.
  • Everyone in Canada knows the Rosedale Community – that’s where the rich folk live. Sometimes a community video is more about establishing your roots and credentials in a neighbourhood than it is about promoting specific features of a neighbourhood.
  • Richard is very prominent in the Toronto Real Estate scene and has been involved in most major real estate boards and groups over his career. This video is a natural extension of that involvement in real estate.
  • This video has a nice low-key charm to it. It could have taken a much more sophisticated (elitist) turn but instead, Richard delivers an informative and straightforward explanation of what makes his neighbourhood unique.

Brand: Nicole Truszkowski, {Carmel, US}
Production Company: House of 8 Media

Great Lifestyle video

  • This video does a great job at highlighting the lifestyle associated with living in Carmel. Lots of different shots of people shopping, playing, enjoying the beach, and generally living well.
  • This video basically says to the viewer I understand the social scene and the community and I can help you find your place in this community.
  • Lots of great shots to show you how beautiful the area is. Very nicely done.
  • If only you could see Clint somewhere in the video…

Brand: Brian Mackenzie, {Santa Cruz, US}
Production Company: Unknown

Simple package of aerial shots to showcase a neighbourhood.

  • What a great way to get an overview of an entire community – to do an aerial tour of the neighbourhood to show the viewer the context and setting.
  • There is a missed opportunity here however. As a real estate agent you should take the time to share you knowledge of ‘your’ community. This video would have been the perfect platform to share that knowledge and the amount of extra effort is really quite minimal.
  • Really nice to see all of the different housing styles and the wide variety of settings.

Brand: Dana Green, {layfayette, CA, US}
Production Company: Unknown

One of a series of local community videos.

  • I like what Dana has done here. She’s created a series of local videos that talk about the neighbourhood, the lifestyle and the schools – all the things that prospective homeowners want to know about in a neighbourhood.
  • The style is simple and folksy – that’s a good thing. You get a feel for who Dana and her team are by listening to the videos.
  • Great example of using video simply but professionally to position you as someone who knows a lot about the community… and as a trusted professional.
Jimm Fox


Jimm has been working in video and marketing for the last 25 years agency side, client side and in video production.

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