Top 10 Real Estate Agency Promotional Videos

We’re starting to see the move toward focussing on client needs rather than promoting the agency. 

When you’re considering using video to help promote your business (not to specifically promote the properties you are listing) there are many types of video to consider. In Real Estate, the focus has traditionally been on the agency, as most agencies are built around a personal brand. That still works today because Real Estate is such a ‘high-touch’ business, but the ground is shifting. As we’re seeing in every industry, there is something increasingly relevant about the phrase ‘no one really cares about you or your business, they only care about how you can solve their problems’.

In the future, we’ll break down agency promotional videos between inwardly focussed (agency profile) videos and outwardly focussed videos. For now, they’re commingled.

Real Estate Agency Promotional Video Defined
We’re considering the most effective use of video to promote a Real Estate Agency – nationally and regionally.

Most agency profile videos are the same or variations on a theme:  a voice-over of the agency lead talking about how important their clients are and how much they really care about ensuring each client gets ‘personal’ attention. Interspersed are shots of the agent shaking hands with happy clients, pointing to things in a room and walking around a nice looking house. You might then end the video with a shot of the lead agent, with arms folded, looking confidently into the camera, surrounded by a team of equally sincere employees.

There will always be value in showing who you are on camera but if everyone is doing the same video how effective can that really be?

There’s no going back with video in real estate. Video is here to stay as a marketing tool and finding new ways of using video to help clients solve their problems is going to have greater and greater impact on agency business.

Here are our Top Ten Real Estate Agency Promotional Videos:

Brand: {HQ, Chicago, USA}
Production Company: unknown

This video (series) is one of the best we’ve seen. Here’s why:

  • Technology is transforming every industry, including real estate. Like Zillow, is pushing hard to change how people buy and sell homes. developed a series of branded informational videos entitled: ‘The Home Buying Process in Plain English with Elizabeth Banks’. That title says it all. The series explains the home buying process in simple terms (non-realtor speak) and it’s hosted by Elizabeth Banks.
  • Creating videos that inform (rather than sell) is proving to be a very successful marketing option for businesses.
  • These videos are both informative and fun to watch. That’s a very powerful combination. The first video in the series is closing in on 2 millions views.
  • Banks does a great job sharing valuable information with a humorous, if not sarcastic delivery to the viewer. This video leans more towards branded entertainment than branded information but for the first time homeowner I suspect there is some good information provided.
  • There have been many videos created in this series and continues to develop new videos with Banks as the spokeswoman.

Brand: Re/max {HQ, Denver, Colorado}
Production Company: unknown

An old-school approach to video that works very well.

  • This is a straight up product (service) differentiation video that basically says ‘this is why we are better’. Even though it’s getting harder to move the dial with this approach, it still can be effective, especially if the message is delivered well.
  • When you’re # 1 in your industry, it’s a good idea to remind people of that. Everyone likes a winner. If you’re the market leader (the position every business aspires to) then letting people know this will give them a reason to consider you, if for no other reason that there’s less risk in choosing you.
  • The video does two things well. It clearly differentiates Re/max’s position in the market place, and it also tries, and largely succeeds, at showing how its agents are different from other agents. The visuals of the main character ‘going the extra mile’ sends a very smart message to the viewer./li>
  • The V/O message clearly (and cleverly) transitions from Re/max being the largest (fact)… to being the best (positioning)… to doing more (more positioning). Those are all smart attributes to associate your brand with. It’s especially smart because the message transitions from fact to positioning:  largest – best – ‘we do more’. So the viewer is left believing that if they are the biggest, they must therefore be the best and do more.
  • I also liked the simple style of the narration and music – solid, straightforward and trusted – just how the brand is positioned.

Brand: Coldwell Banker  {HQ San Franscisco, USA}
Production Company: Unkonwn

A simple concept delivered very well.

  • This video is a branded informational video that does one thing very well – it associates a feeling with the brand. This is a very difficult thing to do well and it’s also what the best marketers in the world do really well. Brands like Nike and Coke and Apple all evoke emotional responses that go well beyond features and benefits. It takes a long time, lots of money and plenty of talent to succeed at this type of marketing.
  • Trust and loyalty are on full display here. Those are two great attributes any brand would like to be associated with.
  • I’m sure this promotion resonated very well with dog owners and likely with many non-dog owners as well. (I’d love to see the parody version of this with shots of cats sleeping, tearing up the house and looking totally disinterested as the home owners return.)
  • What was also very smart was that this video was part of a larger public service campaign called Coldwell Banker Homes for Dogs Project. There is a call to action at the end of the video that explains the companies involvement in the project.

Brand: Ray White Group  {Sydney, Australia}
Production Company: Platinuum HD

Lots going on in this video.

  • This video is a promo for the Ray White Group of companies that encompass many different services that they provide for the real estate industry.
  • The video is very well edited and communicates two key messages: 1. The company has an important history in the markets it serves and 2. It also has an important history of innovation which will propel it into the future.  When people are deciding which company to choose, these are two very important attributes to consider – track record and innovation.
  • I enjoyed the mix of newsreel footage into the corporate footage. That dynamic placed a higher importance on all of the content, as it showed the various activities and accomplishments of Ray White in the context of the history of that time. That’s very hard to do well but I think they did a great job of it. It’s a very smart thing to associate your brand with the achievements highlighted in those newsreel clips.
  • And finally, almost all of the Ray White brand clips in this video are really high quality. You just don’t see high quality video that much in the real estate industry. If you want your brand to be perceived as high quality then you have to present high quality information in everything you do, all of the time.

Brand: Remax {HQ, Denver, Colorado}
Production Company: unknown

Humour is very hard to do well but also very effective if you can pull it off.

  • Remax has created a series of videos with the same main characters that highlight common problems in the real estate industry and contrast those problems with a successful Remax agent.
  • These videos were created with the intent of social sharing to propel them to large viewing numbers. Most videos have averaged views in the tens of thousands range, which is not bad, but I’m sure not the number that Remax was looking for.
  • Each video is rather unique in its approach. They are well written, well acted and highlight several known negative aspects of the real estate industry in a humorous manner.
  • Satire, humour and parody are all very difficult to succeed at. As a series, these videos will be viewed by hundreds of thousands of people and will help promote the Remax brand. To what degree is difficult to say.

Brand: Corcoran Group  {New York City, US}
Production Company:

Fun little video with loads of character.

  • One of New York City’s highest profile real estate agencies put together a very clever little video that has attracted over a million views.
  • How can you go wrong with dogs and real estate? The concept is well executed. Marcel the dog is looking for a new property and turns to the Corcoron website for help.
  • The audio (both music and voice-over) really establishes the overall character and style of the video.
  • The purpose of the video is to show you the value of the Corcoran website. If they did this video straight up and just delivered a straight summary of new features of the new website, the stats would have been a small fraction of the views they received. Adding a concept or device that makes it fun to watch is a great idea – if executed well.
  • Corcoran followed the success of this video with a second “dog’s in New York” video, (Marcel and Loo-Loo have puppies… and need more space) but as is often the case, it’s very difficult to recreate the success of a hit video.

Brand: Remax {HQ, Denver, Colorado}
Production Company: unknown

Find something important to associate your brand with.

  • You can make a claim (or a bunch of claims) about who you are as a business and what you stand for but unless you have impressive and obvious proof points your viewer may, or may not care or believe you. What to do then?
  • I like the approach that this Orlando Remax agency has taken in this video. They’ve basically taken the most important (and positive) idea associated with their city and made it the central theme in their promotion. Basically, “if you’re thinking about real estate in and around the wonderful world of Disney – we’re the company to contact.”
  • This is a great way of positioning yourself with something that is already understood, believed and felt – Disney World is a very happy place. They’re just claiming that they are the real estate kings of that really happy place.
  • They also position themselves as understanding the Orlando area and how easy they can make owning a property on ‘the greatest place on earth”. The music and images in the video all support this idea very well.

Brand: Sotheby’s {Paris, France}
Production Company: 2heures56 Productions

Simple and elegant vibe that the agency had a large hand in creating.

  • The actors, all the props and even the original score for the video was supplied by staff at Sotheby’s France.
  • Sometimes an interesting story behind a video is enough to elevate it to something even larger.
  • The shots are good, the slow-mo definitely ads the necessary otherworldly elegance to the video and the message ‘here’s a video that reflects the elegance and style of our clients’ is loud and clear.
  • The market for this agency promotional video is France and the low-key elegance and simplicity suits the attitudes and tastes of la haute société,
  • Space

Brand: Sotheby’s {Central Oregon, US}
Production Company: 

Emphasizing the attributes of the market you serve is smart.

  • Real estate agencies would do well to try to own a feeling of their market. That abstract idea is what the best brands try to achieve. This Sotheby’s agency is on their way to doing just that. They are associating the feeling of the natural beauty and opportunity of life in Oregon with their agency.
  • If you live in an area with such obvious physical attributes, then make them yours and show people how you maximize that lifestyle for your clients.
  • It would be fun to live in an area where you just have to turn your camera on in order to capture such beauty.
  • I wish they had put a bit more effort into choosing the music in this video. The combination of interview segments and natural b-roll is great but really good music would have substantially elevated this video.

Brand: Paul Rushforth Realty {Ottawa, Canada}
Production Company: One Market Media

You don’t have to say everything in one video.

  • These two videos started off as a request to create a single promotional video. It turned out there were two distinct key messages (why we’re better & who we are) that needed to be articulated to the market. The result was two videos promoting two different aspects of the agency.
  • Most agencies end up dumping everything into one video because it’s cheaper to do. While that may be true, that’s not always the right approach. The cost of making two videos simultaneously is marginally more expensive than creating one larger video.
  • The first video positions the real estate agency as solving the one problem that really matters – can you sell my house? All the other stuff agents promise like ‘really caring’ and ‘working hard’ just don’t matter if you can’t sell the home.
  • The second video follows the approach of the first video in showcasing the staff at the agency. Instead of rehashing the same industry platitudes like ‘our clients are what really matter’, show how you actually serve your market. In this case a number of vignettes are highlighted showing how employees at the agency contribute to the community. Show me, don’t tell me.
  • If you have a suggestion for a video that you think should be included please submit it using the link at the top of this page.
  • Space


Jimm Fox


Jimm has been working in video and marketing for the last 25 years agency side, client side and in video production.

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