Top 10 Luxury Property Real Estate Videos

When you’re selling luxury properties, you’re selling more than features and an address, you’re selling a lifestyle. 

At the high end of the real estate market creating promotional video means more than just capturing images of a beautiful house. Anyone can grab a camera and shoot the main features of the property. We’re looking at how effective the video is at promoting and positioning the home. Luxury property real estate videos should do more than just show you details of the property.

Luxury Property Real Estate Video Defined
We’re considering the most effective use of video to promote a luxury home. We’re referring to ‘luxury properties’ as any property for sale for over $1 million.

Does the video trigger an emotion? Does it excite you? Does the video engage you? Could you picture yourself living in that property? And of greatest importance, does the video make you want to purchase that home?

At the middle-end of the residential real estate market you’ll find a scattering of lower cost and agent DYI videos that are often less than inspiring. It’s difficult to say whether poor video helps or hurts the promotion of a home. I’d suggest the latter. At the high-end of the market however, where clients expect more and the stakes are much higher, you’re beginning to see some really good work in video..

The two most common arguments against the efficacy of high quality real estate videos is:
1. It doesn’t really help.
2. Even if it could help, too often the ‘story’ gets in the way of seeing the house.
3. (The real argument you won’t hear from agents is: ‘The client won’t pay for the video, so why should I take the risk?)

With regard to the first point, you’re selling a lifestyle not just a piece of property and showing people in your video can help the viewer visualize living in the home. If you’re selling a very unique (and very expensive) home, then a high quality real estate video is a great way to draw attention to the unique characteristics of your property. In fact, I’d be curious to hear the argument a real estate agent would use to justify not using video to help promote a $20 million property.

With regard to the second argument that the ‘story’ gets in the way – that is certainly the case in some videos. The purpose of the story is a tool to draw attention to the home. If the story is all that is seen and remembered then you may just be entertaining viewers… and little more. It’s a fine line.

And finally, with regard to the third point… using any type of promotion to sell a home isn’t ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, the bar simply gets set higher over time.

Here are our top ten luxury real estate property videos:

Brand: CAVU – Private Home {Las Vegas, USA}
Production Company: Ruhm Luxury Marketing

This video is one of the best we’ve seen. Here’s why:

  • The quality of filming is excellent. Lighting, framing, editing, the attention to detail is superb.
  • The presenter sets the tone and style of the video and in our opinion, makes the video. She’s not too pretentious, she has an engaging personality and she handles the delivery of the script written for her with real professionalism. She’s obviously a trained actor. (Note to real estate agents: Not everyone is a natural presenter…)
  • The video showcases the beauty, the functionality, and the personality of the house very well. The video goes to great lengths to show multiple combinations of people enjoying the different features of the home. This is such a great example of how important it is to include people in your real estate video. Without people, the home would have seemed cold and lifeless.
  • The overall video presentation is really good. Enjoyed the injection of humour – done with taste and style. This video was fun to watch – you can’t say that about many property videos. Overall, the presentation from beginning to end was first class.

Brand: 92 Savoy Dr – Private Home {Australia}
Production Company: Platinuum HD

This video gained a lot of attention…for obvious reasons:

  • WARNING: There’s a naked guy in the video – and that won’t be to everyone’s taste. Most accounts of reactions from the video found the nudity to be playful and humorous, not exploitive. Sexuality and humour can both draws massive views for a video – and this video certainly has both.
  • The video is beautifully shot, it tells a fun story and it actually shows off the house and its features very well (You’ll likely need to watch it again to verify this…:).
  • The music is inspired and adds to the overall presentation.
  • ‘Bottom’ Line – this video drew over 1 million views to the property. That’s as effective as it gets in real estate marketing.

Brand: The Creamery – Private Home {Jackson Hole,Wyoming, US}
Production Company: Golden Eye Media

This promo is more mini-doc than property video… that’s a good thing.

  • What can you say about a video that only required one viewing to successfully sell a property?
  • Everything about this video is well done. It has a beautiful style and pace, it is really well shot, well edited and best of all, the video production company has turned the pretension or salesyness way down on this one.
  • Having two different voices – the narrator telling you about the details and history of the property and the architect sharing his knowledge of the reconstruction and design of the home is very smart. Presenting complementary perspectives, if done well, can be more engaging than a single point of view.
  • Filming at the right time of day to catch the best light is always the right thing to do, but this usually takes patience and budget.
  • 7 Minutes is a bit risky because there are some who will note the time and not even start the video. Fortunately, in the case of this video, that time is time well spent for anyone wanting to experience the very effective integration of natural beauty and storytelling.

Brand: Private Home {Hawaii, USA}
Production Company: Ruhm Luxury Marketing

This interactive video is very ambitious and very well filmed.

  • The quality of the filming is as good as it gets in this promo. It’s worth watching just for the cinematography. The production company has obviously spent a great deal of time in post colouring the footage.
  • This video is also very ambitious in that it assumes an interest and patience level that may, or may not, exist in potential home buyers.
  • The property on offer (and the interactive video) are housed at a unique URL (see above). The property video offers an interactive storyline that follows the principal characters – Lucy and Elliot, through their introduction, and ultimately leads them and the viewer to the property being sold. You are asked through various points in the video to choose a path to the destination. As few people would have seen this type of interactivity in a property video, I would suggest the novelty factor alone would drive a lot of interest. The whole point of this video is to draw attention to itself.
  • The acting is good enough to keep you watching.
  • So here’s the question: Does the interactive story get in the way of the property? The quick answer of course is yes, it does. But I don’t think that matters. This interactive video was created as a supplemental marketing tool to support the images and description and other video that already exists on the website. After you’ve been presented with an overview of the property for sale and if you’re interested in seeing the surrounding area and watching an interactive story along the way,  I think this video is a great tool to deepen the emotional attraction of this property.

Brand: Palazzo di Amore – Private Home {Beverly Hills, USA}
Production Company: Rep Interactive

Broadcast quality production elevates this video series.

  • Coldwell Banker has commissioned Rep Interactive to create a series of videos all under the title ‘World’s Most Expensive Homes’. Borrowing from “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” (sans Robin Leach’s screeching voice) this faux show is designed to highlight various high-end properties on offer from Coldwell Banker. That’s very clever positioning on Coldwell Banker’s part. The clear message is that they sell the most expensive properties on earth. (You listening Sotheby’s?)
  • The intro sequence that starts the ‘show’ is really good. It lets you know exactly what is on offer and why you should watch. Unfortunately, the intro is then followed by 25 seconds of unnecessary titling… and then… back to the ‘show’.
  • The host delivers with an understated elegance that suits the video. She also delivers the full complement of real estate jargon in describing each sumptuous aspect of the home. (It’s like they just can’t help themselves…)
  • Adding in brief presentations from the agents is a smart way to change the pace of the presentation in the video.
  • Filming, lighting, framing and staging with actors, are all as good as it gets in real estate video.
  • The property even has its own private “vin-yaaaad” producing 500 cases of wine per year – nice! (If you pronounce it ‘vin-yurd’ then clearly, you don’t belong.)
  • Oh ya, and the house is amazing!

Brand: McGrath – Private Home {Gold Coast, Australia}
Production Company: Platinuum HD

Great attitude and style makes this video both very watchable and informative.

  • I’m not sure who invented ‘real estate speak’, but virtually every real estate company on the planet employs it…. and I don’t know anyone who appreciates it. That’s what we like about this video. The narration does what it should do – it informs you instead of trying to impress you. It’s refreshing to hear the narrator deliver with style and attitude. That likely sounds risky to most real estate companies who prefer to copy what everyone else does, but the narration really does make this video.
  • Presenting a theme – ‘Rockstar Home’ – makes the video much more watchable. What this video is not, is yet another camera-tour punctuated by a mechanical litany of real estate adjectives.
  • The agency and the production company are obviously confident that they know their audience. Most agencies wouldn’t take this approach because of their concern that it may scare away some prospective buyers. While that be may true, marketing is about knowing your audience. Trying to be ‘all things to all people’ often results in being ‘nothing to anybody.’
  • Nice execution here. Great style and good to see an agency and their production company creating a video that is both informative and engaging.

Brand: Hurlingham – Private Home {Greenwich, USA}
Production Company: Ruhm Luxury Marketing

Elegant, emotive and personal: Everything a luxury property video should be.

  • Another Ruhm video that hits a perfect note. This video is presented as a flashback through the eyes of a mother who recounts poignant and powerful memories of her past.
  • Each cinematic scene highlights a beautifully choreographed memory that happens to showcase a unique feature of the home.
  • Great use of slow-motion and close-ups to capture real emotion. It’s a very, very difficult thing to capture the passion that was delivered in the actor’s performances. This takes patience, budget and talent. (good luck with that…)
  • As with other Ruhm videos, there is a companion promo video on the property website (see above) for those who want to get right to the features and skip the schmaltz.

Brand: 218 Cottingham Street – Private Home {Toronto, Canada}
Production Company: Property Films

Great quality doesn’t require big budgets – just a good idea executed well.

  • We included this video because it’s a great example of how great quality doesn’t necessarily require big budgets. A good idea can go a long way.
  • The Toronto real estate market has been booming… forever, and this video is targeting the upwardly mobile Gen X and Gen Y crowd.
  • Concept: {Everyone loves cute dogs… } Guy comes home, dog greets him, he gets an invite to go out, he decides to stay (in his beautiful home) with his dog. Aaaaaaahhhhhh….
  • It’s a very simple concept delivered quite simply. The stock music track suits the mood of the video and the dog steals the show.  Throughout the video you get to see the various rooms and features of the house. (It’s not a mansion but it was on offer for over $1M.) The camera-work is functional and does exactly what it has to do.
  • Bottom line, at over 20,000 views, this video delivered a lot of traffic. And then there’s the dog… “there’s a good boy… there’s a good boy…”
  • Space

Brand: 4582 Ocean Ridge Drive – Private Home {Huntington Beach, USA}
Production Company: 
Ruhm Luxury Marketing

Well written, well executed, great attention to detail, a tad cheeky… what’s not to like?

  • “And I’ll be that host who mentions everything you could have just seen in the photos.” Best on-screen presenter in real estate: British, cheeky and soooooo very natural.
  • This video is very well written. It’s fun to watch and to listen to. (“This home has more upgrades than Joan Rivers…,”  “Holy Sh**, look at this kitchen!”)
  • Smart to show off the neighbourhood at the beginning of the video (especially when the neighbourhood is ‘Surf City USA’ and a protected nature preserve).
  • One of the more enjoyable real estate videos we’ve seen. Enjoyable is a good thing in video, no matter what the product or service you are trying to promote.

Brand: La Gorce Circle Architectural Design {Miami, US}
Production Company: Lifestyle Production Group

One of the best examples of a ‘traditional’ real estate video.

  • There’s nothing ‘traditional’ about this video other than the approach – a series of location shots set to music.
  • With that said – the film work here is excellent and the matching cuts and tracking shots timing perfectly to the music sets this video apart.
  • The timing of the slow motion tracking shot’s is excellent. The music suits the video perfectly. No rush – just let the viewer wait for the next amazing shot.
  • I appreciate that, like shooting a beautiful model, it’s much easier to create a great video when you have this type of subject material to shoot. While that’s true, the filming and editing is excellent.

Brand: Villa Altair – Private Villa {Marseille, France}
Production Company: Exmagina

Bonus Video: An ‘oldy but a goody’ – one of the original high profile luxury property videos.

  • Exmagina is a high-end corporate video production house in Marseille. They created one of the first high-end luxury property videos to garner a lot of international attention.
  • This video is more than 7 years old and it still holds up very well today. I think it taught a lot of aspiring real estate videographers to shoot detail and context as well as just capturing slider and wide shots.
  • The video has a great music track that actually integrates a scene from a live performance onto a tv screen in the video. (The track is a Robbie Williams remake of Mr. Bojangles – I can’t imagine what this cost to licence for this video…)
  • With views over 250,000 views on Vimeo and nothing to drive traffic other than the quality of the video, I would suggest this was a very effective video.

If you have a suggestion for a video that you think should be included please submit it using the link at the top of this page.

Jimm Fox


Jimm has been working in video and marketing for the last 25 years agency side, client side and in video production.

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