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Have you discovered an amazing marketing video that inspires you enough to comment on and share your thoughts about it? Do you have a unique insight on how that video is effective in addressing the industry it’s targeting? Are you interested in sharing your marketing expertise with the community?

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Marketing Video

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effective work

Have you created a kick-ass video that overachieved? Are you interested in sharing your process for developing that video with the community? We’re looking for brands, production houses and agencies to showcase their work and to breakdown exactly how and why their video was successful.

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We are now fully immersed into the sharing economy. Share you knowledge on how-to make great marketing videos. Sharing isn’t just good Karma, it’s also a good way to let others know who you are and what you’re good at.

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Marketing Video Insight

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your industry.

Do you have industry specific insight about how marketing video is being used to promote products and services in your category? Are you aware of innovations or new trends that you think others would be interested in?

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