Rating Tool FAQ



Why did you create this tool?
The gydes rating tool was created to share ideas and opinions as to what works and what doesn’t work in marketing video. It was also created as a tool to discuss and debate these opinions using the comments forum. (With respect and professionalism, of course.)

What’s with all the words in the rating tool? What’s wrong with 1-10 or five stars?
The challenge with a simple numerical rating system is that there is no agreement or understanding on what an ‘8 out of 10’ means. Someone’s ‘8’ could be another person’s ‘6.’ Instead, the descriptions are intended to encourage agreement on a common set of rating factors.

Why so many rating categories?
We created the 5 different rating criteria (overall engagement, brand fit, production values, brand engagement likelihood and emotional connection) because we felt all of these factors are important components to the ultimate success of a video. If, for instance, your promotion is hugely entertaining but no-one associates your brand with it, or if it’s very emotive but the viewer feels it’s not likely to affect his (or other viewers) likeliness to pursue the brand, then it hasn’t really succeeded. Most marketing videos are rated simply on creativity which, in and of itself, is fairly useless.

Are you always going to keep these same rating criteria for every video or will they change over time?
The reason we’re keen about the rating system we’ve developed is that it allows us to change the rating criteria over time (to be more industry specific, as an example) but still have a common numerical rating that can be compared across all videos. The plan is to evolve the rating tool to be more industry specific over time.

How does the rating tool work – it seems like some criteria have more weight than others?
That is correct, some rating criteria do have more weight than others. The rating algorithm is built to take this into account. If you’re patient enough you can fool around with the sliders to get a feel for how we weight things.

What’s the deal with both ‘Reviewer’ and ‘Community’ ratings?
The overall score – ‘Gydes Rating’ is made up of two scores. It combines the Reviewer rating – the person who created the review with the average rating of the community. The reviewer rating has more value than the community until enough of the community have rated the video, then the community ratings begin to dominate the overall score. Basically what that says is that while we value the opinion of our reviewers, the more people that disagree with their rating the more influence the community will have on the overall score. We like to be egalitarian-ish.

Why do you allow people to change their ratings?
People change their minds over time – it’s human nature, so why not allow for this.

Can anyone submit a review?
Yes… but… it’s important to know that we’re looking for three things: 1. First and foremost, we’re looking for interesting videos. That means either very good videos (that would likely score in the 7.5 or higher range), or videos that challenge their industry in some way. We’re not looking to disrespect videos and we don’t have any interest in showing average videos – there’s just no point. 2. We’re looking for very good reviews as well. We want the reviews to be both informative and interesting. We don’t have a specific format or style in my for review we just want them to be engaging and informative. 3. Finally, we’re looking where possible, for industry specific knowledge. We know we can’t always get it, but it’s much more beneficial to our audience if we can demonstrate specific knowledge and understanding of an industry. Telling people why a video works in your industry is much more valuable than telling people why you think a video is cool.

You can submit your suggestions for video reviews here.