BDC Rolls Out a Great New Branded Mini-Doc Series.


BDC – the Business Development Bank of Canada recently went through an extensive rebranding exercise lead by Cossette Advertising, in Montreal.  The agency developed a cleaner and more refined representation of BDC’s core value. A variety of marketing assets, including the video above, were developed to communicate this new direction.

Central to this new positioning was that fact that BDC is the only bank focussed exclusively on helping entrepreneurs.

A more traditional approach to promoting BDC might have been to highlight the various services that BDC offers and then demonstrating how these services can help entrepreneurs.

BDC took a different approach.

In this video series developed for the bank, they focussed on the entrepreneurs themselves – to show that they understand the problems that these entrepreneur face. They chose not to demonstrate specifically how they help entrepreneurs, because they didn’t need to.

If you show your audience that you understand their day-to-day issues and the challenges they face running their business, then you’ve already moved beyond the point where you need to explain what you do.

Your audience will only care about the features and benefits of your offerings to the extent that any of these help them solve their specific problems. Why not cut to the chase and show them that you understand exactly where they are coming from.

The challenge today is that attention spans are getting shorter and asking people to patiently sit through your marketing materials is becoming increasingly more difficult.

Many businesses are moving away from traditional features and benefits marketing and turning towards more meaningful and powerful approaches to communicating with their audiences.

Branded Mini-Doc’s are a great place to start.

In this Video

First and foremost, this video does what any good mini-doc should do – it tells a good story. It’s also very well shot and edited.

This video benefits from a great delivery by the principle subject in the video and it tells an engaging story about how the business overcame obstacles and ultimately turned the business around.

The camera-work is very good – lots of contextual filming, lots of good b-roll footage to give the viewer a feeling for the business and how it operates, and lots of short, but powerful storytelling to keep the video moving.

The supporting music bed played a key role in this video as it told you how to feel in each segment of the film. A little techno to start, to pull you into the video, then a turn to the dramatic when the storyline dealt with the more challenging part of the narrative and finally an upbeat overtone to close the video. Great choices of music that helped to engage and keep the viewers attention.

I loved the final shot with the son’s arm over his dad’s shoulder. That may have been spontaneous… or it may have been directed, either way, it added a nice emotive touch to the end to the video.

My thoughts after watching the video was – that was that it was a great little story, well told. This is a great example of how you win using video to promote your business.

Here’s a link to the entire series of videos created by BDC. They are all well worth watching,

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