I need help to:

Develop my script or storyboard

Are you producing your video in-house and need help developing a script? Or do you plan on hiring a video production company to shoot and edit the video, but you want control of the messaging and creative direction? Either way, we can help you develop a script that resonates with your audience and a storyboard that delivers results.

If you are already engaged with a full service marketing agency or a video production company that understands your company and your market, then you probably have this aspect covered. But if not, we can help. The decisions you make at this phase in the production process are the ones that matter the most, and should focus on:

  • What messages do I communicate?
  • What do I show in the video?
  • What creative approaches do I consider?
  • What type of video will best achieve the results I need?

How we can help you develop your script or storyboard.

We provide consulting services for businesses of all sizes to help develop a script or storyboard for their marketing video. We bill by the hour and provide a fixed quote for approval before any work begins. Typical engagements are between one and four days. If you require assistance with any of the following, contact us by completing the form below.

I need help to:

1. Find objective, experienced talent to create a storyboard for my video. Not all production companies offer the same services. For example, if you approach a video production company that specializes in animated explainer videos, they aren’t likely to recommend a live-action video—and lose your business—even if that makes the most sense for your company. Our business model allows us to be non-biased and frees us to help you find the most effective way to communicate your message.

2. Ensure my video is informed by our business objectives – not the other way around. Creative is a critical component for any marketing video but our approach is always results first.

3. Stay in control of the entire production process, including the storyboard. You have strict brand guidelines. You have excellent knowledge of your audience and their problems and you want to work with someone who is a quick study, experienced and flexible. Check, check and check.

4. Find an experienced marketer to write my storyboard. We’ve worked agency-side, client-side and production-side. We understand how to develop a storyboard that resonates with a specific audience and delivers tangible business results. Because that’s why you’re creating a video in the first place.