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Start my video project the right way

Whether you’re working on your first video project or your tenth, how you begin your project will be the key factor that determines the success of your video. No amount of filming artistry or editing can help a marketing video project that doesn’t start on a solid footing.

As the following chart demonstrates, most marketing videos underspend on pre-production, the stage that determines the video’s purpose, messaging, concept, creative and structure. In the past, filming and editing have been the more challenging and costly aspects of business video production.

Today, video production technology is relatively inexpensive and there are many great production firms capable of capturing amazing footage. The real value in marketing video today lies in pre-production.


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How we can help you start your video project:

We provide consulting services for businesses of all sizes to help get their marketing video project started the right way. We bill on an hourly basis and provide a fixed quote for approval before any work begins. Typical engagements are between two and eight hours. If you require assistance with any of the following pre-production services, contact us by completing the form below.

I need help to:

1. Develop a proposal to get approval for my video project. We can help you build a business case for your video that includes industry standards and justifies the cost in relation to the expected return on investment.

2. Establish a realistic budget for my video project. We can show you what different types and styles of videos cost to produce and make recommendations that make sense for your company.

3. Develop a creative brief for my project. The creative brief ensures that everyone in your company agrees on the goals and direction of the video (before you get creative) and provides the video production company with a solid framework to quote on your project.

4. Choose the best type of video to produce. There are many different types and styles of video that could accomplish your business goals. We can help you determine which approach would work best for your company.

5. Identify and choose a video production company. Based on your priorities, we can help you develop appropriate search criteria and focus in on viable candidates. We can then make recommendations on who would be best suited for your project and help you select an appropriate production company.

6. Manage the storyboard process. If you’ve selected a video production company and have concerns about the storyboard they suggested or if you’re having difficulties finalizing the storyboard, we can help.