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Localize my video for a new market

You’ve created a powerful new video that’s getting a lot of traction with your target audience. Now you want to introduce that video to new international markets. We can help with that.

Localizing requires more than just translation; it involves adapting existing content to meet the needs of viewers with diverse cultural and functional expectations, societal values and beliefs.

Simple localization techniques can include a new voice-over, subtitles, dubbing and adaptation of graphics and text. More advanced localization can include replacing video content with more targeted or culturally appropriate images.

Example of US English video adapted for a foreign market

How we can help you localize your marketing video.

We provide consulting services for businesses of all sizes to help localize their marketing video for an international audience and work directly with local marketing and localization partners. Billing hourly, we can provide you with a fixed quote after an initial consultation. Typical engagements are between one to five days. If you require assistance with any of the following, contact us by completing the form below.

I need help to:

1. Obtain a rough estimate of what localization will cost prior to beginning. We can provide you with an initial rough estimate to help with your budgeting. To provide a fixed quote, we need to first perform a brief consultation to determine exactly what is needed.

2. Have new content created for my localized video. We can work directly with your agency or production company to ensure the content is suitable to a local audience or source the new content ourselves.

3. Ensure that all the content and translation is vetted first before the editing work is done. We provide you with a storyboard that depicts the original script and on-screen content as well as the new localized script and on-screen content. You can have this verified by your local contacts before any editing takes place.

4. Ensure my localization goes deeper than language issues. The localization companies we partner with specialize in marketing content that adds value to the localization process.